What's Teabbles?

Teabbles is a card game where you get to have a different kind of fun with the most-loved beverage- bubble tea! There are 3 gameplay variants in one set. There's Original Play, Bluff, and Boba the Builder. Choose a variant to suit your cravings, just like your bubble tea orders!

  • 15-25 minutes

  • 2-5 players

  • 3 ways to play

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What's in the box

  • "Amazed that with just 1 card game set, there are 3 different ways to play! A fast-paced, fun, and an exciting game for everyone. Highly recommended! :)"


  • "Value for money due to the 3 different fun ways you can play it. Very Kiasu. I like. It's like paying 3 games for the price of 1! Haha!"


  • "Teabbles is a unique and original take on card games. Its variety of play keeps it interesting and engaging no matter how many times we play!"


  • "Crazily addictive game! Super easy to get the hang of, so many methods of playing, and did I mention the very aesthetically pleasing cards too? <3"


  • "I like all the variants, but I love the Bluff variant the most! It's very engaging and interactive, can play many many times."


  • "Fun, engaging card game for a couple or groups. And making me crave for bubble tea while I play it!"


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